We are a leading provider of industry analysis and market insight across several industries

Industry Research

Agusto & Co Limited is a leading provider of industry analysis and market insights that cut across several industries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Annually, Agusto & Co publishes reports on several key industries in the East African region. Our reports are unbiased and contain expert analyses of various sectors. Over the last two decades, we have built a strong reputation for producing good quality reports, with sound economic and risk analysis across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The company prides itself on the ability to create outstanding value for clients based on expert knowledge of the macroeconomic environment, the financial services industry, local markets and the key industries within the economy. Our reports can also be tailored to meet client-specific requirements.

Our reports contain both primary and secondary data sourced from key industry players, combined with local market insight to provide users with the most recent business updates on a wide spectrum of industries.

Customized Research

Our client specific research enjoys strong synergies with our Consulting Business. Thus, the solutions we provide are based on a pragmatic approach taken on behalf of our clients. We provide hand-holding services to businesses seeking to identify new playing fields and craft winning strategies.

  • Help the business identify its primary competitors including an analysis of the strategies each employs and the strengths and weaknesses to better understand how operations can be improved.
  • Help companies who want a review of the business model to ensure optimal use of available resources and/or to consider possible changes in strategy.
  • Provide Target Market Studies to brownfield investors seeking to expand and green field investors seeking new playing fields
  • Provide independent market research to syndication clubs and other financiers.
  • Comprehensively review operating strategies of peers to create a Market Penetration Strategy to help our clients gain market share rapidly

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